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Double Sided BSWF NJ Type 81DV (dowel pin)

Double Sided BSWF NJ Type 81DV (dowel pin)

Vehicle restraint system (NJ and STEP profiles) for installation at temporary diversion of carriageway across the central reservation, with dowel pin and insertion pipe. Easy to integrate between precast concrete crash barrier and concrete crash barrier by slipform paving.


Containment Level H2
Working Width W3
ASI-Value B
System dimensions NJ Type 81DV
LxWxH: 600 x 61 x 81 cm

No need for special transitions:
• identical containment level
• same material
• not more than 1 level of difference regarding working width
• dynamic deflection between W1 and W3 by no more than 20 cm
• same system cross-section
• same reinforcement cross-section