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BSWF RB-Standard

BSWF Precast Concrete Barriers Standard

Spengler precast concrete barriers have remained the proven partner in racing for many years. Fitted with the patented EASISET ®/J-J Hooks® connecting mechanism, they can be assembled in no time to form a tensile connected protective barrier. The race barriers can be connected without any additional parts. A forklift is all that is needed to position or replace the individual elements. These safety barriers are available in different lengths and heights. The most multi-functional element is the barrier with integrated C-profile. It can be expanded to a sturdy barrier/fence unit at any time when combined with Spengler debris fence elements. Just add the fence element into the top of the C-profile and screw it on. This system also works on connected barrier elements with C-profiles. All Spengler barriers are mutually interoperable.

Standard 3 m long precast concrete barrier. Patented EASI- SET®/J-J Hooks® connector hooks. The openings for the transverse draining serve as an entry point for the prongs of a forklift when positioning the elements.

Precast Concrete Barriers Standard
Typ Length cm Width cm Height cm Weight t
RB-100/300* 300 60 100 3,1
RB-110/300 300 60 110 3,27
RB-135/300 300 60 135 3,7

With C-Profile
Construction as above. Plus recessed C-profile at the front for the insertion of an optional fence element. Can be utilised universally with or without fence element. Fully compatible with the standard version. The Spengler Race Barriers are also available in shortened versions of various lengths depending on the customer’s requirements.

Precast Concrete Barriers mit C-Profil
Typ Length cm Width cm Height cm Weight t
RB-100/300-C* 300 60 100 3,1
RB-110/300-C 300 60 110 3,27
RB-135/300-C 300 60 135 3,7