FIA Safety Initiative

We support the FIA Foundation’s global initiative “MAKE ROADS SAFE”, because we, too, believe that 1.3 million people a year killed in road accidents are far too many. Every 6 seconds a human being is killed on the world’s roads. Please join this global initiative:


Additional Options for Race Barriers

Additional Options for Race Barriers

The Spengler product range for racing has been developed by professionals for professionals. Decades of direct contact at racetracks, many discussions with circuit operators, teams and drivers as well as Spengler’s own racing experience is creating a product line that will continue to be developed according to the demands of today’s racetracks while corresponding to the requirements of an event location that is as universal as possible.

Whether it is a permanent circuit or a temporary racetrack, the Spengler system is the ideal protective barrier solution. Rapid assembly, simple replacement and low maintenance costs guarantee a safe investment.

For the direct integration of the FIA Debris Fence. The easiest and most economical way to meet all the requirements of an effective restraint system in the smallest possible space: precast concrete barriers with an integrated C-profile. The system allows a Spengler Debris Fence compliant with FIA specifications to be directly inserted and fastened; producing a complete fence/wall unit whose mounted units can be repositioned or replaced in its fully assembled state. The alteration of the fence elements does not require that the barrier elements to be lifted out of the structure.

Highspeed Energy Absorbers
For the high-speed sections of the racetrack the construction of high speed barriers according to FIA specifications is recommended. Spengler provides concrete barrier walls with an energy-absorbing connection claw. Fence elements with energy absorbing connecting parts are also available. Additional safety elements are situated in front of the wall such as tire piles and similar.
Spengler researches on barriers for impact speeds of over 200 km/h.

Edge Protection
An optional edge protection is available for water drainage and also for the upper or lower corners at the front. Therefore, the barriers are optimally protected against concrete splitting. This is ideal for temporary racetracks and multi-event locations.