FIA Safety Initiative

We support the FIA Foundation’s global initiative “MAKE ROADS SAFE”, because we, too, believe that 1.3 million people a year killed in road accidents are far too many. Every 6 seconds a human being is killed on the world’s roads. Please join this global initiative:


Mobile Marshal Protection


Spengler Marshal Protection

A New Spengler Product:
The Ultimate Protection for Marshals

More Safety for Race Marshals

Key facts:

  • the basis is a semi-circle, formed by four 1/8 precast concrete barriers
  • high-strength FIA-standard safety fence, pre-mounted on barrier segments
  • high tensile-strength connection between concrete barriers and between fence segments
  • compatible with the Spengler concrete safety system
  • can be expanded with existing Spengler barrier segments
  • perfect-fit weather protection
  • rapid assembly and repositioning, only with a forklift which speak for themselves

Active as well as passive safety for race drivers, cars and race tracks are steadily improving. With its latest product Spengler now brings the safety standard for race marshals to a much higher level. The new mobile SPENGLER MARSHAL PROTECTION is a protective stand for marshals which is quickly installed, can be used on all race tracks and can be retrofitted.