FIA Safety Initiative

We support the FIA Foundation’s global initiative “MAKE ROADS SAFE”, because we, too, believe that 1.3 million people a year killed in road accidents are far too many. Every 6 seconds a human being is killed on the world’s roads. Please join this global initiative:


Safety in Motorsports

Spengler Motorsports Products

Vehicle Restraint Systems for Race Circuits
Precast concrete barriers according to FIA standards

Traditionally there is a strong committment of the Hermann Spengler GmbH & Co. KG to motorsports and Spengler is undertaking research and development in cooperation with the FIA Institute for Motorsport Safety and Sustainability to improve safety on racetracks. These protection and restraint systems are tested in cooperation with the FIA Institute. On top of this powerful partners work with us on different projects.

  • Specially developed BSWF motorsport modules
  • System Spengler Easi Set / J.J. Hooks
  • Our products have proven their worth since 10 years on the Hockenheim race circuit
  • 3 standard heights
  • FIA safety fences can be easily adapted
  • For permanent or temporary racecourses
  • Offering all the advantages of the BSWF barrier system
  • Quick to set up and dismantle
  • Tensile connection without additional fixing components

Spengler is not only interested in developing the most superior technical solution; it also maintains a clear regard of the economical factors involved. It is only with this approach that clients can be assured that their investments are safe. Rapid assembly, patented connecting hooks, no loose parts: everything contributes to a cost-lowering system solution. Exceptionally quick and easy replacement of damaged elements means lower maintenance costs – and another advantage - concrete doesn’t rust. The fact that this cost-cutting does not come at the expense of safety is confirmed by high speed barrier tests conducted with the FIA Institute, in which viable g-forces were seen even at impact speeds of 200 km/h – just by the way, the PMW jury considered those efforts worthy of a Safety Innovation of the Year award for the FIA and participating partners back in 2006.
Space-saving design and ingeniously simple handling are the decisive benefits speaking for Spengler’s pre-mountable precast concrete barrier with debris fence. When compared with fence elements comprising individual parts and with off-track barriers, they are virtually unbeatable in terms of the cost of investment and the ease of installation.
In keeping with the company’s mission statement, Spengler prove that they know the requirements of the race circuits the best, allowing them to work with architects or racetrack operators to provide the best safety solution possible.
In the case of larger projects, Spengler is in the position to manufacture their products on-site with mobile production units.