FIA Safety Initiative

We support the FIA Foundation’s global initiative “MAKE ROADS SAFE”, because we, too, believe that 1.3 million people a year killed in road accidents are far too many. Every 6 seconds a human being is killed on the world’s roads. Please join this global initiative:


Single Sided BSWF NJ Type 85DF (dowel pin)

Single Sided BSWF NJ Type 85DF (dowel pin)

Vehicle restraint system for installation WITHOUT backfilling on foundation at a minimum depth 4 cm below FRL, or 12 cm for Type 93DF.


More Details:

Containment Level H2
Working Width W1
ASI-Value B
System dimensions Type 85DF
LxWxH: 350 x 47 x 85 cm (from FRL 81cm)

System dimensions Type 93DF
LxWxH: 350 x 47 x 93 cm (from FRL 81cm)
(FRL = Finished Road Level)