FIA Safety Initiative

We support the FIA Foundation’s global initiative “MAKE ROADS SAFE”, because we, too, believe that 1.3 million people a year killed in road accidents are far too many. Every 6 seconds a human being is killed on the world’s roads. Please join this global initiative:


Pit Lane Fence


The protection against flying debris into the pit lane. The pit lane fence system, required component of the Spengler pit lane elements, is galvanised and available with window openings on the left or right hand side. There is also a closed version available. Individual heights are available according to the requirements on-site and the customers’ requirements. The fence segments are inserted into the C-profiles at the top of the pit lane barriers and are screwed onto the upper edge of the concrete element. In this way, they can be easily replaced if damaged without taking the barriers out of their places. If the pit lane requires modification for special events, single barrier including screwed on fence units can be pulled out without dismantling.
In this way, permanent and temporary race tracks alike benefit from the advantages of the Spengler System.