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Monday, 29 November 2010 00:00

Safety systems by Spengler at Germany’s Race-Of-Champions premiere

“We make road safety” proved to be Spenglers perfect slogan for the 23th Race of Champions which after having been held in Paris, London and Bejing for the first time was taken to Germany. In Düsseldorf’s Esprit stadium spectators had the opportunity to come very close to the stars and champions of the most popular racing classes. To guarantee for the safety of this event, the organisers asked Hermann Spengler GmbH and Co. KG to fit the stadium race course with their concrete crash barriers, which had already been tried and tested successfully on many different race tracks. The precast concrete barriers were arranged along the circumference of the inner space of the stadium. The stretch of track passing through the bridge was protected by special concrete gradient end pieces. Michele Mouton, organiser of the Race of Champions, and Didier Ducelier, circuit chief, enthused about the preparation of logistics by Spengler, the speed with which everything had been set up and, in particular, the meticulous execution. “Never in the past twenty years have I had such a neat track boundary.” And thanks to the new radius modules it really looks fantastic”, said Didier Ducelier to Spengler, a happy smile across his face.

That it was not just a matter of good looks, however, but that the course boundary had also supremely mastered the safety challenge it had been designed for became apparent to each and everyone after Heiki Kovalainen’s Audi R8 heavy crash into it. He and his girlfriend climbed out of the vehicle with no injuries at all. The concrete crash barrier had been pushed back almost 40 cm, the special connection elements between the sections had fulfilled their task beautifully and survived the crash with hardly a scratch. The race was resumed after a brief interruption to clear away the debris and no additional measures had to be taken. Safety for the drivers, race marshals and visitors always must come first - a principle which the organiser Michelle Mouton was only too happy to confirm as at the time of the impact she had stood right behind the FIA race track barriers: “Beyond any doubt, my life was saved by these protective barriers”. Bernd Spengler, Chief Executive Officer, pointed out some other highly important benefits of his products: “For the promoters it is of paramount importance that events like this do not have to be terminated after accidents and that the live transmission and continuation of the race are not jeopardised.”

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    Spengler exhibits its products again at the PMW Expo 2010 in Cologne

    Thursday, 25 November 2010 00:00

    Spengler Professional Motorsports World Expo 2010

    Already for the third time Hermann Spengler GmbH & Co. KG exhibited its products at the trade show which had been organised by Professional Motorsport World. As this exhibition is open exclusively to a professional motorsport audience this was an excellent opportunity for Spengler to showcase its product range of passive safety elements designed specifically for the needs of motor races. The generously sized booth was fitted with real concrete crash elements, a pit lane wall, kerbs and curved sections and provided an excellent setting for talks with interested delegates from numerous racecourses. Special attention was attracted by Spengler’s concrete crash barrier with integrated safety fence. Essentially it allows the erection of a safety feature on a minimum of space which already includes the mandatory FIA safety fence in a single unit. In the outdoor exhibition area of the trade fair interested motorsport professionals were treated to a practical demonstration of how quickly this safety system can be assembled and, even more importantly, of easily these protection barriers with integrated fence can be replaced in one single operation.

    Motorsports expert Max Welti, who gave a live comment on the demonstration, is fully convinced of the worth of Spengler’s developments: “People who like me have survived terrible accidents only thanks to a stroke of sheer good luck will be able to appreciate the true value of such developments for motor racing today. This is the mission of Bernd Spengler who is tirelessly and ceaselessly seeking out new possibilities of improvement. First and foremost for him it is not just about the restraint function of such features, but about the efficient absorption of energy. His absorbers in the barriers as well as the Omega claws in the fences are details are absolutely convincing in this respect.”

    And also the organizers of the Race of Champions believe in the superior performance of Spengler’s motorsport safety system. As was illustrated by the fact that Sebastian Vettel’s ROC KTM X-BOW race car was shown in Spengler’s booth at the exhibition.

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    Spengler with large booth at the German Road and Traffic Congress 2010

    Thursday, 16 September 2010 00:00

    Spengler at the German Road and Traffic Congress 2010

    On Wednesday 15 September 2010 Rainer Bomba, undersecretary at the Federal Transport Ministry, opened this year’s congress with a walk-around tour of the exhibition. Bomba and his delegation also paid a visit to the booth of Spengler where he displayed a keen interested in different aspects of vehicle restraint systems. Bernd Spengler, the Managing Director, described the advantages of his company’s product programme and together with Mr. Bomba unveiled the DTM race car of Bruno Spengler who was also present. Since many years, Bruno Spengler has been maintaining close ties to the company - not just because both happen to have the same name, but also because as a race driver he is eager to support Spengler’s commitment to the goal of greater safety in motorsports. At the trade exhibition which was part of the congress Spengler informed on the latest developments in the field of vehicle restraint systems. The expert audience present was visibly impressed by the super-slim Ultra 55V system which is only 24 cm wide as well as by the new energy absorbing concrete crash elements.

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    Spengler attends Intertraffic 2010 in Amsterdam

    Monday, 29 March 2010 00:00

    Spengler Intertraffic 2010

    Again Spengler was present with a booth at the most important exhibition for infrastructure, traffic management, safety and parking which takes place at two year intervals. It was an excellent opportunity to describe and explain Spengler’s product range to countless experts and decision-makers from public authorities and traffic safety organisations. Major attention was attracted by the new concrete crash barrier system called Ultra, which with a base width of only 24 cm is the slimmest in the world. Also transitions modules and other systems marketed by Spengler were presented to the expert audience. So this exhibition yet again provided useful insights into the diversity and compatibility of the “classical” concrete crash barrier range as well as the slim-build elements.

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    Spengler participates in event on the improvement of traffic safety in Egypt

    Monday, 22 March 2010 00:00

    On 1 and 2 March 2010 an informative conference and workshops on the improvement of traffic safety on Egyptian roads took place in Cairo. As part of this event an exhibition had been organised in which Spengler participated with a booth. The event, which received EU funds under the Twinning Project scheme, brought together experts of BASt, the German Road Authority, and its counterpart in Egypt called GARBLT (General Authority for Roads, Bridges & Land Transport) in order to give training to the authorities responsible and to make them aware of European safety standards. How important such projects are can be inferred from the current statistics reporting 15,000 to 20,000 traffic fatalities per year – if set against the number of inhabitants which amounts to 80 million this corresponds to the rate of traffic deaths in Germany in the 70ies.

    On day one exhibitors and visitors were welcomed in the outdoor exhibition area and in glorious sunshine by the Minister of Transport in Egypt and his delegation. Also attending the reception were the Austrian and German ambassadors as well as representatives of the US embassy. The Egyptian Transport Minister insisted on paying a visit to Spengler’s booth when he took a tour of the exhibition hall.

    On the second day a series of presentations were given by experts and members of the industry to delegates from all Egyptian districts. Michael Knobloch and Roland Hasenmueller who represented Hermann Spengler GmbH & Co. KG at the event talked about the different aspects of how traffic safety could be enhanced by the proper use of concrete crash barriers.

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    Tests with the FIA Institute

    Monday, 15 March 2010 00:00

    image    image    image

    Together with the FIA Institute tests were carried out in Switzerland using the FIA-test ball with a weight of 780 kg. The ball with a diameter of 70 centimetres was catapulted at a speed of 65 km/h (18m/s) into the new vehicle restraint system which comprised patented motorsport concrete crash and fence elements fitted with energy-absorption Omega-claw connectors, which are also protected by patent. For the tests the Spengler-FIA safety fence modules were fitted with a high-strength steel mesh produced by Geobrugg AG in Romanshorn. With its weight exceeding that of a formula one race car, the ball was safely intercepted by this combination – a crucial step towards greater safety for spectators and drivers alike. The Fia Institute and Spengler intend to continue their traditionally close co-operation, with further tests in the offing.

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    Safety expert Christian Danner at the Cologne Exhibition

    Friday, 21 November 2008 22:05

    Great response triggered at the Professional Motorsport World Expo from 11 to 13 November in Cologne. Together with Hubert Gramling, Director of the FIA Institute and Spengler consultant, Christian Danner, safety expert with Spengler gave a talk at the congress for circuit operators, investors and suppliers on aspects of safety in motorsports. To view pictures of the exhibitions please go to the Picture Gallery.

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    René Rast wins Porsche Carrera Cup, Molitor-Racing systems is runner-up

    Sunday, 26 October 2008 16:35


    A season full of tough battles is crowned by success. As sponsors of the MRS-Team we are extremely pleased with this fantastic season and congratulate René Rast, who celebrates his birthday today, on winning the Cup title.

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    The world’s first high-speed impact test

    Wednesday, 15 October 2008 12:35

    Together with the FIA Institute for Motor Sport Safety, Spengler GmbH & Co. KG is the first company to simulate the behaviour of concrete crash barriers under extreme conditions. The tests will be presented by our safety expert Christian Danner at the Professional Motorsport Expo, held from 11 to 13 November in Cologne.

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